Friday 3 December 2010

Boring outfit post

Something silly like -13 here when I got up this morning.

Slippers were replaced with shiny red Dorothy shoes, tempting as it was to wear them at school...

You know the most irritating thing about winter?  The fact that no matter how you arrange your neckline, your thermal vest invariably still shows!

I find the best way to solve the problem is with a vintage fur collar, which can be handily popped on to add a dash of Mrs Claus appeal to any plain jumper, whilst also preventing any seriously unglam vest sightings.

Fur collar
Black jumper
Black skirt (accidently accessorised with both yoghurt and toothpaste, d'oh)
Blingtastic bracelet ("Gasp! Miss Hamer, are those real pearls from under the sea?!" exclaims the little girl I support)
Yeti slippers


  1. Ah, the fur collar is a great idea. I still don't have any thermals, ridiculous for someone who feels the cold like I do.

  2. Ahh, thermals are invaluable in this weather, but they don't half make you feel frumpy when you're getting dressed!


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