Wednesday 24 November 2010

A Warning to all Twenty-Three Year Olds

Yesterday was my 24th birthday.  Today the following remarks were made, in quick succession, by the ladies with whom I work...

1) [Backstage info: I had a long piece of red material tied around my neck like a cape, yes, I know, the ceaseless fun we get up to in Key Stage 1.] "Aww, you look like a bride!  Go on, practice doing the walk for when you have to do it for real."

2) [Backstage info:  I was putting a plaster onto a poorly finger] "Ee, this will be good practice for when you're a mother."

3)  "So, have you decided to become a teacher yet?"

4)  "So I was thinking, why don't you train as a child psychologist?" [I make the diplomatic reply; "Who knows, maybe I will one day."]  "Look, I just think it's about time you decided what to do with your life."

So take heed, girls.  Twenty-four is officially the age where you are required to stop buggering about, catch a husband and produce a litter.  Evidently it's too late for me - enjoy your youth while you still can!

Sensible, grown-up outfit (snort), courtesy of my splendid sister and her uncannily brilliant birthday present-buying skillz.  See that belt?  Almost exactly the same as my favourite vintage belt that broke because I'm a fatty because the leather was old and weak!  I think the ensemble would look better without the black bodysuit (it's tights and a t-shirt, but I think it looks disconcertingly like I'm wearing a leotard under my dress!) but Newcastle seems to have moved to the North Pole today.  Brr.


  1. Don't worry - wait a few years and people will have entirely given up on you, as they have with me! Happy birthday :)

  2. I was married at 24 - good age! Lovely outfit - you're never too old to have lots of fun with your clothes :)

  3. In the immortal words of Eliza Doolittle, "Garn! 'Oo would marry me?!"

    Thanks for your comments, ladies! Sometimes I think that being "only a bairn" at work helps me get away with my slightly controversial approach to workwear... Bright colours and far too many accessories, wahey! Clothes ARE fun, aren't they?

  4. Wait until you are twenty-five. Then people will give you career advice even more freely. After all, at that stage you are pretty much close to thirty....

    NOOOO! One must be young and frivolous for ever!!

  5. ha-ha! this made me laugh out loud. fantastic post as per usual :)


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