Monday 1 November 2010

Vunderful, Vunderful Copenhagen

So, I expect you've all been VERY SADDENED to notice there has been a bit of a famine of boring outfit posts recently.  This is because I've been on holiday and have spent most of the past week in my pyjamas.  (One day I actually left the house, and when I went to put on my face I found I'd completely forgotten how to paint eyeliner.)  Anywhoo, here's one day when I did actually make an effort:

I looked like a Bond girl or a flasher, depending on who you believe.
I bought both the boots and the dress in a Red Cross shop in Copenhagen, 100 kroner the entire outfit, AND I got a free canvas bag, so it was totally worth the ten-minute checkmate of confusion that came about because Red Cross Lady was the only Dane in Copenhagen who didn't speak English, and my knowledge of extremely useful Danish phrases ("Varm Kakao med Flødeskum", "Nye Tomaten, tak", "Hvor er den lille Havfrue?") didn't stretch to mundane things like paying for goods.

Me outside a shop the Danes named after me.

Back at school with the bairns now, and on Day One of the new term, one of them was sick, one of them bit me and one of them ran away.  Bring it on, Day Two.

Here is a joke that meine kleine Schwester just told me: "Q: How do you turn soup into gold?  A: Put 9 carrots into it."  Har har har.

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