Friday 5 November 2010

Torturing Myself with Modcloth


Here are a few (very few!) of my picks from the 1200 dresses currently displayed on the website.

The Red-y and Rarin' To Go dress, the Well-Wrought dress, the Angelique dress, and the Third is the One in the Polka Dot Dress dress

The Grasshopper Pie dress, the Guest of Honor dress, the Blumengarten dress and the Safari So Good dress

The Seafarer dress, the Literally a Shirtdress dress, the Port of Call dress and the With Flying Florals dress
 Oh gosh, just in flicking back through the dresses to look for the names of the ones I pictured, I've seen a hundred more I can't live without.  They do ship to the UK, but I think it's better to pretend they don't, to stop me doing anything rash.  Sigh.

On an unrelated note, what is the POINT of Louie Spence?  He's been on TWO adverts today.  I abominate him and his stupid jazz fingers dancing.  Poo.

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