Friday 29 October 2010

From Bobby Pins to Boi-oing!

So last night I spent some time grumpily attempting to fashion pin curls and trying to stop my hair sticking to my cold cream and thinking bitter thoughts like "So much for effortless vintage glamour" and "I could do with a Downton Abbey-esque lady's maid to do this menial crap for me."

This morning:

Just after taking the pins out
Oh my!
I actually kind of loved it like that and almost kept it, but I wanted to see what the curls would do when I smoothed them out a little.

Hmm, not convinced by that scarf.  Looks a bit like a bandage.  Maybe I'll change it for a green one.  Do go and dig out my green scarf, lady's maid.
So that was the first time I've attempted to curl my short hair.  It works ok at the front where it's longer, but the back bits aren't the best.  There was only enough hair to fit one revolution, so to speak, and they didn't pin very well like that, so instead of 'curls', I've got sort of angular tufty bits.  Ah well.  I'm definitely going to reprise the crazy boi-oi-oing curls some day though!


  1. Wow, this looks great. How many bobby pins did you need? Looks pretty effortless to me:)

  2. Thanks! I was going to reply that I couldn't remember how many pins I used, but as I didn't bother to put them away when I took them out of my hair, I just had to count the pins in the little pile I left by my mirror! Turns out I used 25 pins, so roughly 2 rows of 12 curls. I was being lazy and just using one per curl, but they're more secure if you use two in a criss-cross. There are a million pincurling tutorials on YouTube if it's something you want to try. Good luck!


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