Monday 6 September 2010

"Mrs Anna, I believe in snow!"

I know three blog posts in one evening is taking the piss, but I've got a dire wardrobe-related conundrum and it's already past bedtime and I'm no good at making decisions in the morning.

If you were starting work in a new class tomorrow, what would you wear?  You want to (misleadingly) appear  competent and presentable so your presence reassures nervy parents, but you don't want to look dowdy.  You want to dazzle and enchant the five-year-olds so they worship you as some kind of princess/Hannah Montana hybrid, but you don't want your new class teacher to think you're a frivolous young ass.  Your day will almost certainly involve unpleasant things like paint and play-doh, but you don't own any practical clothes.   You'll be spending a lot of time bending over the very low Year 1 tables, so unless you want to risk flashing your knickers you'd better remember to wear longer skirts than you used to be able to get away with in Year 6, where the surfaces were higher.  You're on playground duty and the weather's expected to be gloomy.  Oh, and you would prefer to be able to wear red shoes with your ensemble, because if you tell the truth you're more than a little bit nervous, and you feel more confident if you've got red shoes on.



  1. I would, if this were me, wear a pair of black trousers and a coloured shirt (and take an old painting shirt for incase of over excited artings from the little ones) but I have a feeling your wonderfully fancy wardrobe doesn't have much of that =)

    good luck honey xxx

  2. Trousers?! Pah! ;op I'll post a follow-up (because obviously everyone's dying to know what I wore!) when I can be bovvered.

    Thanks for the luck! I had a pretty good day actually :o) xxx


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