Monday 30 August 2010

Into the wardrobe

I'm no Molly MacDonald, but I thought I might as well let Bette on Toast at least masquerade as a respectable style blog before it inevitably cannonballs into "Oh God, she's talking about dead movie stars again" territory. Here are a few of my own sartorial efforts. (As you can tell, I never did figure out a very good place on my shelves to prop up my camera for timer shots. The actually good ones were taken by Stephanie when we were on holiday. So much easier when you have a personal camera monkey around the house.)

And can you guess which lady-of-the-manor style icon I was feeling influenced by this morning??

Hurrah for Molly-style! I so love dressing up.
(I know the beret is unspeakably chic, but it was actually a necessity because today my hair looks like it hasn't seen shampoo for a fortnight.)

Of all the garments you see above...
3 were from charity shops
2 were from vintage shops
1 was from ebay
4 were presents or hand-me-downs
5 were from real shops off the sale rail (4 from Oasis, because I'm a total floozy for Oasis clothes.)
And only 3 were from real shops for real money!

Oh dear, I didn't mean to post quite so many pictures of myself. Honest!!

On another note, Ohmygodthephotouploading/positioningtoolhereonBlogspotisacompleteandutterpaininthebloodyARSEcomebackLivejournalallisforgiven.


  1. Molly = awesome. I do enjoy how that everyone in that show pretty much moves to New Zealand. It is like they thought of the furthest place to dump people. Teehee.

  2. How did I know you would be a Monarch fan too?! We really are the same person in our parallel Newcastles! I have GOT to stop watching Monarch of the pigging Glen though! I'm averaging a series per day at the moment, and I'm not even bothering to keep up the pretence that it's for clothes-stalking anymore. (At the start of series 4 now, and poor Molly has been reduced to a holey gardening hat and Hector's old cardigan, while they seem to be putting Lexie in black, black and more black. Whither the glamour?!)

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on my silly little ego-feeding blog :oD xxx


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