Friday 27 August 2010

Blogging is actually quite scary

Hello!  Welcome to Bette on Toast.

I am your host:

I like posing.
Come on in, wipe your feet and pull up a chair.  I'm not going to bother to introduce myself, I'm just going to barge right in, but if you care to know a little more about me, you may read the Bette on Toast Archives at their original location, (shamefaced) Livejournal. Here they be:  I am very boring and talk mainly about my job and dead actresses, or if you go further back it's my dissertation and dead actresses.  But I think I'm extremely witty, so there.  ;op

I should explain, I actually thought of starting this blog with a Project in mind.  I saw a Project 360 once (For you non-t'internet-savvy, not-down-with-the-kids oldies (Simon), that's a thing where you have a certain topic, and you take a photo or make a post on your topic every day for a year) where a girl had taken a picture of her outfit every day.  Later I learned that so-called 'What I Wore' blogs are pretty common, and I thought "Hey!  I like dressing up and I like taking photos of myself, and best of all I like talking about myself - I could do one of those!"  However, it was a long time coming because first I didn't have a camera, then I did have a camera, and he was lovely but too antiquated and primitive to actually do much, then I had a good camera, but try as I bloody might I could not find ANY convenient ledge in my bedroom where I could rest the cam so it could take a photo that all of me could fit in.  The room wasn't big enough.  THEN I moved house, and my new bedroom had a) a gorgeous 1930s door for a backdrop, and b) shelves directly opposite the door with a variety of props that would surely provide at least one camera ledge of appropriate height.  SO, I moved in and started posing, and got bored of it within a week.  Maybe at a later date I'll post a few from before I got bored and lazy.

Since this first of my new-look pieces of Toast is dull and has no substance whatever, here's a funny video.  Next month I'll celebrate five years living in Newcastle, and I STILL can't do a convincing Geordie accent.


  1. Yay! Bette has a fashion blog.

    Much love,
    That girl who lives on the opposite side of the world xxx

  2. Hi,

    I love your blog! following you and linking to you in my new post:)

    welcome to enjoy and follow at

    <3 Anika


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